Month: April 2012

  • Mosh & Rock City 23-29/4/12

    Mosh & Rock City 23-29/4/12, a set on Flickr.

  • Happy Pills Make You Sad

    A five year study conducted with thousands of local teenagers by University of Montreal researchers reveals that those who used speed (meth/ampthetamine) or ecstasy (MDMA) at fifteen or sixteen years of age were significantly more likely to suffer elevated depressive symptoms the following year. (Source: Science Daily) It’s a very simple rule of thumb: for…

  • Mosh, Phlebas, Mosh, City 9-15/4/12

    Mosh, Phlebas, Mosh, City 9-15/4/12, a set on Flickr.

  • Tash & Matt Post-Phlebas

    Just some shots of them mucking around just after we’d got back from Notts. It was bloody freezing! :-O

  • Tash

    Being tiny and cute in my sitting room. Click the pic! 🙂

  • Nat’s Fine Ass

  • Emma B&W

    My friend Emma is gorgeous but also very silly and camera shy. Sooo, I never get any pics of her. But I bullied her into letting me take some the other day and here’s the first set from then. Click the pic to see them, more to follow! 😀

  • Nat Hailstorm

    Yesterday, Nat was round for a study sesh. We were ploughing through milk regulations, raw milk certification, possible bacterial infections of milk due to mastitis and other nasties when… … the April skies opened up and the most magnificent hailstorm started. Of course, we couldn’t stay in. I grabbed my camera, we went out in…

  • Scary Kid Road Safety Statues

    These horrific little bleeders were installed near the school down the road in December 2011. They creep the fuck out of me. I think because they remind me of these fellers: Every time I drive by them, I swear their head swivel to follow me and I know that they’re just waiting… …biding their time.

  • Mosh & Rock City 6-8/4/12

    Mosh & Rock City 6-8/4/12, a set on Flickr. Wonderful!

  • Bloomsbury Pro-Choice Protest

    Jennifer Reiter was on the protest. She says: “Here is one of the outcomes of last Friday’s pro-choice rally and protest outside the bpas clinic in Bedford Square! I was the first person Pod Delusion sidled up to to interview. I’m honoured! About 2.05 is when I go on for a bit about why it’s…

  • A Walk

    Tonight, I went for my normal emo walk but I kept walking. Maybe it was the Jon Hopkins I was listening to. Or maybe not. But I didn’t stop. I’m walking now, somewhere. As I plodded by the Closes and Drives of my neighbourhood, I couldn’t stop thinking about her. She’s left me concave, scooped…

  • Goverment Plans Totalitarian Surveillance Of All UK Communication

    Civil liberties groups have criticised plans for the government to be able to monitor the calls, emails, texts and website visits of everyone in the UK. Internet firms will be required to give intelligence agency GCHQ access to communications in real time under new legislation set to be announced soon. Tory MP David Davis called…