iPhone 4s And O2 – Text Hell!

I loved my iPhone 4S. Until I noticed that the basic functionality of the phone, texting, was broken.

At Christmas, a mate sent me a picture of a present he’d got. That picture message took 11 days to get to me. Fair enough, it’s a busy time, lots of network traffic. But *eleven days*? Come on!

A month or so ago, I’m texting my friend to see if she wants to meet up. She keeps replying but not answering. I get frustrated. I speak to her later and she sends me a screengrab from her iPhone (on T Mobile, not O2). She’d sent me three texts before I’d sent any. When I sent mine, those texts popped up interleaved with my questions. I wish I’d kept the screengrabs because it’s the most bizarre thing: from my side, it looks like she’s not replying. From hers, she sent some texts, I didn’t reply and then she gets three increasingly grumpy ones in a row!

Then, this morning, I texted my mate Matt:

iphone 4s texts missing out of time order o2

His apparent non-sequitur is then followed by a normal reply. Wary by now of my iPhone/O2’s flakiness, I asked him when he sent that text about the cute Trek girl. He sends me a screengrab:

iphone 4s texts missing out of time order o2

Do you see? He sent his Trek girl text at 3.36am. But I didn’t get it till *after* I sent mine. And my phone displays the wrong time order for the messages!

I went into the O2 shop last week asking about the problem. As ever, they claimed nothing was wrong with the network. And maybe it is my particular iPhone 4s. But this definitely looks like a network issue to me. It’s not as if my phone stored Matt’s message and then decided when to deliver it, that’s on the network side. And I have had this happen *loads* of times now, too many to list here.

This morning, I am so frustrated and angry, hence writing this post. My iPhone, apart from being my personal phone is also my business phone. The fact that it’s sporadically useless at texting just makes me paranoid ~ have people got mine? Have I got their replies? Should I text again to check, which just makes me look like a nutter?

How the hell am I meant to use this phone/network if I can’t even trust when messages were sent?