Police And Intelligence Agencies Conspired Against UK Dissidents

Today’s lead story in the Observer is a maddening and excellent investigative piece revealing that for three decades, the UK’s biggest construction companies worked with British police and spy-agencies to build illegal dossiers on whistle-blowers who complained about unsafe working conditions and trade-unionists. The victims of these investigations — thousands of them — were economically ruined as the firms conspired to keep them from being hired at any job-site, and saw to it that if they were ever hired, they were promptly fired.
(Source: Boing Boing)

An essential read. This is the truth behind our so-called democracy and police force. Both are just tools of capitalism.

From the Observer piece:

The police or security services supplied information to a blacklist funded by the country’s major construction firms that has kept thousands of people out of work over the past three decades.

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has revealed that records that could only have come from the police or MI5 have been discovered in a vast database of files held on 3,200 victims who were deemed leftwing or troublesome.
(Source: The Observer)

When China does this kind of thing, there is international outrage. When the UK does it, it won’t even be on the news.

Nothing to see here… move on…