Below is a note found after the world ended on February the 1st, 2012, apparently left by the last two people alive. Apart from everything, nothing has been changed.

You’re sitting cross-legged opposite me on the bed. There’s an impish expression on your face. You’re wearing only a thin white blouse, slightly transparent with a silvery collar. I’m trying to focus on your face but I keep looking at your nipples. You know this, of course.

A weird echo: you ask if I trust you. I say, “Completely.” Leaning forward, you hold my head softly with your hands at the same time as pushing your tongue into my mouth. It isn’t a kiss, it’s a gentle invasion.

I’m surprised and turned on but worried: we’re here now? How? And where do we go? Testing, I touch your tongue with mine and then attempt to turn your probing into a kiss. Not happening. You don’t want to kiss, just to explore. Hey, I can go with that.

But I want more. I cup your breast with my left hand and then slide my right along your thigh towards your cunt, never thinking it’ll get to complete the journey. You lean into the not-kiss and un-button your strange blouse. My hand slips inside the fabric and I’m holding your breast, feeling the heat of you. Something from the blouse scratches the back of my hand.

My other hand finally reaches and then cups your cunt. You arch upwards off the bed so I can come in properly. My fingers trace the soft curve of your sex, over your fine hair before they get home inside you. Could they belong anywhere else? Were they ever anywhere else?

Time stops. It lasts forever and not at all.

Kissing down the nape of your neck, my lips reach your left breast. I kiss over the softness before tasting your nipple. And then stop. There’s a network of fine threads over your breast, silvery, gleaming slightly in the setting sun. You look down at me.

“Oh, that’s where they went in, don’t worry about it.”
“Went in?”
“When they put in the new circuitry, keeps me happy.”
“I don’t understand…”
“Don’t have to understand, just kiss me, silly!”

So I do. As my lips touch the wires, I feel a series of shocks and I see where you’ve been and when. On that beach, tiny toes in sand. In that room waiting, crying with frustration. Holding hands with him and being so in love, so wrapped up in gold. Your memories seep into mine, playing until the then becomes the now and I remember sitting opposite me, wanting to push my tongue into my head. I pull away.

“Do you get it now?”
“Yes. But I don’t know how.”
“God! Don’t make a big deal about it. It just is!”

You stop my foolishness by clambering onto me and, before I even know you’re doing it, pushing my cock inside you. Skin against skin, you feel glorious, you’re taking everything. Moving against me, you look directly at me and I know what you’re feeling and seeing, the same as you know what I’m hearing and smelling. So you know it won’t take much to push me over into coming, I’ve been anticipating this for so long. You grip me tighter, grinning at me.

“Come on. What are you waiting for?”
“I… no… what?”
“Here you come!”

And I do. With you, as you, inside and around you. It’s both of us reflecting and rebounding, more echoes of every come ever. You look happy/sad. I don’t know why. As I slip out, you stick your fingers inside yourself and then smear them on my face, giggling. I try to be stern but it’s difficult with your own cum dripping off your face. Laughing, we’re not even born yet. Idiots and geniuses.

“Come on, not much time, put your clothes on!”
“For what? Can’t we just…”
“No! Hurry up!”

So we get ready quickly, buttons mis-aligned, love wiped dry, hurrying for fuck-knows why.

Outside, you take my hand like you haven’t done in years. You look little even though you’re taller than me.

We walk to the top of the hill, where we can see the city lights starting to glitter, fabulous sodium yellow mixed with drab, eco-friendly white. You look up/down at me.

“I was right.”
“This is it. Nothing more. This is really it. I was right!”
“I don’t know what you’re on about! Can’t we just go back? I want to kiss your cunt.”
“No. I’d say later but I’d be lying. Look!”

I look up to where you’re pointing. Across the darkening sky, there are lines, cracks. They’re silver. Something is shining through them. They extend, cross-hatching the entire sky over us. Where too many meet, they join, splintering the sky with their brilliance. It’s breaking through now, the light is spearing out of the gaps, vanishing the world. We all knew this was coming.

You hold my hand tighter, we’re tiny again.

“I love you.”
“I love you too.”