London With Nat

In the Harrods diner, about to scoff!
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Yesterday, Nat and I hoofed it to London for her pre-birthday/post-exam treat.

We hit Harrods first of all and I was bemused by the amount of escalators we had to negotiate. Felt like I was in ‘Metropolis’ and the decor didn’t help.

Outside the Natural History Museum

Then we headed over to the Natural History Museum where we greatly enjoyed the dinosaurs and other exotica.

T Rex

Less so the mammals, Nat saying rather scathingly, “We don’t need to go down there, I know what a sheep looks like.”

Then, on to the handily adjacent Science Museum which was chock with wonders. I actually cried at the exhibit of the Sno-Cat:

“Newly on show, the Sno-Cat was used by Sir Vivian Fuchs in the 1955–8 crossing of Antarctica with Sir Edmund Hillary. This bright-orange tracked vehicle was one of four that completed the perilous journey, along a route littered with icy ridges and treacherous crevasses.”
(Source: Science Museum)

There was something about the tenacity and bravery of these people that just got me. Made me feel a bit useless about complaining how nippy it was outside, definitely!

Forget my MacBook! I want this one!

We rounded a corner and I was stunned to see a Cray-1 supercomputer. I burbled at Nat about how groundbreaking it was but mainly I was struck by how awesomely cool it looked. The little leather seat bit has to be the best computer accessory ever!

Apollo 10 Command module

There was also a shit-ton of spacey stuff on show like the Command Module above. AND THEN WE WENT TO THE MOOON! Well, we went on a “4D” ride to the moon. A great little film that accompanied us being shaken around in our seats and even squirted on to simulate splashdown. Fun! 🙂

Oxford St.

After the museums, we pillaged the girly shops on Oxford Street, Nat cackling at every new item of swag she purloined. Okay, we actually bought everything, it wasn’t a shoplifting spree but it still felt like a bit of a raid.

Bags stuffed with goodies, we headed home. Knackered, skint, happy. 🙂