Day: January 20, 2012

  • Infected By Noah And The Whale

    I liked NATW when I first started hearing them. I DJed their pop breakthrough, ‘Five Year’s Time.’ But I didn’t really like what I’d heard of the new album. I thought ‘Life Goes On’ (can’t be arsed to type in all the full stops) was a weird mix of Paul Young’s ‘Common People’ singingly and…

  • Kat Lights

    I’m a bit in love with my fairy lights + coathanger lighting. I think it brings out some lovely detail in people’s faces and particularly eyes. Now I’m trying to think of other new lighting options. Hrrmmm… Click the pic for more of Kat looking cute! 🙂

  • Kat

    The astute Bzangy reader may have noticed a lot of new faces in portraits lately. Yep, I’m trying to push my portraiture further by working with as many new people as possible. Every new person is a different interaction and poses a different set of challenges. Sooo… I think novelty will help push me further.…

  • Ellie Lights

    Here’s some more pics from the day with Ellie, this time inside using my fairy light and coathanger advanced super-pro lighting! 🙂 Click the pic for more!

  • Ellie

    Had a great day with Ellie, she’d never posed for pics before but I think we got some lovely shots. Click the pic for more!

  • Mikey Nightshots

    Some snaps from when I popped over to see my mate Mikey and have a walk across Branston Golf Course when it was bloody freezing! Pretty pics, though. Click the pic for more!

  • Matt

    My mate Matt looking very dashing. He’s such a poser! 🙂