Skrillex @ Rock City, 30/11/11

Skrillex @ Rock City 30/11/11 - 08

Last night, my mate Nat and I went to Rock City to witness the glory of Skrillex.

Skrillex @ Rock City 30/11/11 - 09

What a fucking awesome show! In all my years of seeing gigs, this has to be the most mental audience I’ve had the privilege to be part of. Skrillex skillfully whipped us into a frenzy, there were massive circle pits and general mayhem everywhere. It was absolutely rammed and we did get a bit battered by passing nutters but it was totally worth it. 🙂

Skrillex @ Rock City 30/11/11 - 06

As well as his own tracks, he played all his most famous remixes and when the whole place was singing ‘Cinema’ at the end, it was a really special moment. It was magical!

Skrillex, we love you!