When you pull out of me
At first, it’s fine,
I’m okay.
Were you even in there?
Really, what’s all the fuss about?

Then, usually 24-48 hours later,
Withdrawal kicks in.
I notice the hole,
I feel where you used to be,
Filling me up.

I wonder at how deep you got
Without me even noticing
You never rush or shout
Or gabble like an idiot
Like I do.

It’s a slow penetration
First your eyes then your voice
Your breasts, that skin
Enter me.
Then they have to move aside
To make way for your mind.

Before long, I’m happily impaled
Without even knowing it,
Laughing and bursting with
The happiness that is being with you.

You withdrawing, your withdrawal,
Echoes and flutters,
Day after day.
Ghosts of words we said,
Secrets we shared like children.

I’m feeling it now
Trembling at missing you
Trying not to text you
Because I’m scared of scaring you
With my need for you.

I can’t eat as my stomach is tumbling,
I can’t work as my mind is only you,
I wander round the house
But you’re in every room
But you’re not.

Tonight, you’re so impossibly far away
I have no way to reach you
Or touch you or kiss you
Except for these words
I love you.