Day: November 9, 2011

  • Bonfire Night 2011

    I had a much better Bonfire Night at Markeaton Park this year than last. Met up with Nat, Amy, Alex and Adam and we all ooh-ed and aahh-ed at the wonderful explosions. Click the pic for more!

  • Mosh & City 4-6/11/11

    Mosh & City 4-6/11/11, a set on Flickr.

  • Nightshoot With Ben

    Popped out in the early hours of Halloween with Ben and got some suitably spooky night shots! Click the pic for more!

  • Emily

    I love the low, super-saturated sunshine of autumn. It has almost the same richness as candlelight. An I think it suits Emily’s arsing about in this tree very well. Click the pics for more. 🙂

  • Toppy At The Lake

    Another bit of randomness: met with Toppy, had no idea where to go and take some pics and then we ended up at Allestree Park where the light around the lake was beautiful. As is Toppy, of course! 🙂 Click the pic for more.

  • The Wood

    Here are some snaps of Chadd Wood from my recent wander with Jemma. Although the autumnal colours were out in force, I felt like processing them in black and white because it seemed to suit the feel far more. Click the pic for more!

  • Jemma Taking Pics

    A while ago, I went for a wander with Jemma. She’s very comfortable behind a camera but I think she needs to spend more time in front of a lens. 🙂 Click the pic for more!