The Spells We Cast

I don’t believe in magic
But I do
Not the dull, lumpy, brown kind
That you see in new films and
Smell in old books
Real magic isn’t magic
But it is

The spells we cast
Surround us and enfold us
Incantations murmured
Without even realising it
“I fucking love you”
Takes life, takes wing
It hovers over us
Protecting us from attack

And if a man lays his hand there
Before kissing you
Before lying with you
He will have to pass
That powerful guard spell
Under his hand
Waiting, ready to pounce
Eager to protect
Because it loves you so dearly.

This whole poem
Is a spell, of course
How could it not be?
You’re reading it now
With those naiad eyes of yours
Breathing life into my words
As they pass through
That clear, pure mind.

Look – there!
Do you see how it’s formed?
Isn’t it beautiful,
What we made together?