Festé 2011, 23rd & 24th September

This past Friday and Saturday was Derby Festé 2011.

23/09/2011 19:47

I went on the Friday night with my mate Malcy and saw much flame-based action at Bass Rec. Well, to be honest, we missed a lot of stuff or were between events or something. But Surtal Arts doing all the flame-juggling stuff was good!

24/09/2011 20:48

And then on the Sat night, Sarruga brought some large fishies to town and floated them around town, finally ending up at the Silk Mill.

24/09/2011 20:55

Whoosh, bang, some fireworks and that was Festé done for another year.

24/09/2011 21:16

I was about to head off home when Nat rang so I went to meet her and Alex by the big screen…

24/09/2011 21:47

…where half of Derby seemed to be getting down with their Latin selves and shaking their asses. 🙂