Big Skies 28/8/11

I’ve been finishing off the album and it’s been affecting me quite negatively. All these songs about love lost, love twisted, love never even returned in the first place… well, listening to them so many times each day is painful. There are only two happy songs on the album and even they make me sad when I hear them now.

So, I take my camera and I go wandering on my own, snapping pics. If you click the pic above, you’ll see some I took a couple of days ago of some very big skies in Derby.

Connecting with nature and architecture can sometimes help the increasing sense of disconnection I feel with the people in my life. The sky is always there, both caring and oblivious, a blanket and a blank face, forever asking ‘WHAT?’

I probably need to take a break. But there’s too much work to do and this album has to be right. It has to be good.