Month: August 2011

  • Big Skies 28/8/11

    I’ve been finishing off the album and it’s been affecting me quite negatively. All these songs about love lost, love twisted, love never even returned in the first place… well, listening to them so many times each day is painful. There are only two happy songs on the album and even they make me sad…

  • Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes

    About half an hour ago, I got back from seeing ‘Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes‘ (henceforth ‘ROTPOTA’ for brevity’s sake) and I’m buzzing about it so I want to do a review before that fades. I am a huge fan of the original Apes films. I watched them on telly as a kid,…

  • Richard Sargent’s ‘Where’s WALL-E?’

    I had to post this up. It’s amazing! Click here and scroll to the bottom to enter the competition!

  • Michel Collon On Libya

    Via Keyvan Minoukadeh, a devastating analysis of the West’s backing of dictatorships and selfish motives for military intervention. GOOD ARAB vs. BAD ARAB, the current media myth.

  • London & HDIF DJing 20/8/11

    On Friday, I travelled down to London to see my friend Amy. We had a great time wandering around (to me) exotic and sumptuous Leyton. The cake shops! Mmmm… Those little Portuguese thingies, with the pastry and the custardniess are deadly. Then last night I DJed again at HDIF (How Does It Feel To Be…

  • Busy Bee – New White Town Singles

    I’ve been mad busy the last couple of weeks, mastering album tracks and also making pop vids. It’s been hectic! For this album, I’m planning to release a vid for every track on the album. It’s partly because people only seem to share YouTube links for music now and partly because I want to push…

  • Crazy Skies

    Came back from seeing ‘The Tree Of Life‘ and the sky was beautifully mad. <3

  • Filming, Mulberries, Nat, Alex

    Click above to see some stills from when I was filming the ‘Missing Her Again‘ video. 🙂

  • Memolane

    I’m both horribly fascinated and creeped-out by Memolane. Obviously, I’m steering clear of looking at certain recent dates. Surely, for the eternally online like me, this is the best diary / journal ever?

  • US Drone Attack, 21 Pakistanis Murdered

    A US drone attack has killed at least 21 militants in north-western Pakistan, local intelligence officials said. The drone fired two missiles, destroying a vehicle and a compound near Miranshah town in North Waziristan tribal district, on the Afghan border. (Source: BBC News) As always, these weren’t militants or even ‘militants.’ The only people claiming…

  • Layla On The Emo Bridge

    Click the pic for more! 🙂

  • The Tree Of Life

    WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD! So, after the high-octane spectacle of ‘Super 8,’ I headed to see Terence Malick’s ‘The Tree of Life’ at Derby Quad yesterday. My companion was fellow film buff Nat. I’d heard that the film was very divisive, prompting walk-outs from the audience so I wanted to go with someone I knew loved…

  • Super 8

    Last night, Malcy and I went to see ‘Captain America’ at the Derby Showcase Deluxe but it turned out to be in The Director’s Lounge. Not wishing to pay a million billion trillion quid for film tickets, we opted for ‘Super 8’ instead. Serendipity squared. I’d known about the film from trailers, it looked cute:…

  • Indietracks Festival 2011

    Last weekend was Indietracks Festival 2011! And it was probably the best Indietracks yet! I’m still buzzing from the sheer joy of it all. 🙂 I’m not going to do reviews of every act as there were simply too many (full lineup here) and it’d also be quite samey as I genuinely loved everything I…

  • Flying Ant Day(s) 2011

    Sooo… I don’t know what’s happening this year but the (flying) ants are going crazy. The above pic is on Green Lane, Rose spotted the ants as we were on our way to another supreme Thai Boran feast. And that photo is from July 3rd! Then there’s the above pic. As I came back to…