Day: July 27, 2011

  • Candlelit Nat

    Experimenting with only candles for lighting. These pics have only had colour de-noising and cropping done in Lightroom ~ untouched otherwise, even levels. That’s the natural lighting and saturation that candles give. Think I’ll be doing a lot more portraits, it’s such a gorgeous light! Click the pic above to see the full set. 🙂…

  • Quad 26/7/11

    Quad 26/7/11, a set on Flickr. Today, more hanging at Quad. It makes sense, really, seeing as it was built over the old grassy knoll beloved by a generation of Derby’s emo kids. You can sometimes hear their sobbing… or is it the wind! Tash turned up with her brand new tattoo work done. Ouchy!

  • Quad 21/7/11

    Quad 21/7/11, a set on Flickr. These summery days are perfect for hanging out at Quad with good friends and perhaps the occasional pizza. Mmmm…