USA Extends Terrorist Attacks To Somalia

The US has conducted its first drone strike on Islamist militants in Somalia, marking the expansion of the pilotless war campaign to a sixth country.

The missile strike on a vehicle in the southern town of Kismayo, reported last week as a helicopter assault, wounded two senior militants with al-Shabab and several foreign fighters according to the Washington Post.

Armed Predator and Reaper drones already operate in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen and Libya, where they are controlled by the US military or the CIA.

The CIA-run programmes are controversial. Although they provide the Obama administration with a low-risk weapon against Islamist militants, they stir intense anti-American hostility among the local population.

Opposition is most vociferous in Pakistan, where the government said on Wednesday it was shutting down a big CIA drone base, and had ordered US personnel based there to leave.

The closure of Shamsi airbase is unlikely to end the strikes. The CIA has moved its drones to bases across the border in Afghanistan, and some strikes have already taken place from there, according to a senior Pakistani military official.

via US extends drone strikes to Somalia | World news | The Guardian.

After killing hundreds of innocent Pakistanis while the world generally doesn’t give a fuck, the USA is now extending its terrorist bombing campaign. Here are some stats from their drone attacks so far:

(Source: New America Foundation and Time via Wikipedia)

Of course, this won’t be a major news story. The USA is now carrying out terrorist bombing campaigns in six countries and yet that doesn’t make any TV bulletins. These drones murder indiscriminately, are designed to inspire fear and uncertainty – they are the definition of terror.

What other country or group is carrying out so many terror attacks? How is it that the USA can spout its bullshit about fighting the War On Terror when it is, in fact, the biggest terrorist operative currently active?