Month: July 2011

  • Candlelit Nat

    Experimenting with only candles for lighting. These pics have only had colour de-noising and cropping done in Lightroom ~ untouched otherwise, even levels. That’s the natural lighting and saturation that candles give. Think I’ll be doing a lot more portraits, it’s such a gorgeous light! Click the pic above to see the full set. 🙂…

  • Quad 26/7/11

    Quad 26/7/11, a set on Flickr. Today, more hanging at Quad. It makes sense, really, seeing as it was built over the old grassy knoll beloved by a generation of Derby’s emo kids. You can sometimes hear their sobbing… or is it the wind! Tash turned up with her brand new tattoo work done. Ouchy!

  • Quad 21/7/11

    Quad 21/7/11, a set on Flickr. These summery days are perfect for hanging out at Quad with good friends and perhaps the occasional pizza. Mmmm…

  • Tash B&W

    Click the pic to see some more of my cute, tiny friend Tash! 🙂

  • Pizzaaa!

    Yaaaaay!, a photo by Jyoti Mishra on Flickr. I think I’ve found the best delivery service! 😛

  • Nat 13/7/11

    My mate Nat popped over on Wednesday and of course I had to get some snaps of her being stupid in the garden. The big silly! 🙂 Have a click to see the gallery!

  • Oakwood Gala 2011

    Last Sunday, Malcy and I walked around a three hundred yards and ended up at the Oakwood Gala 2011! Of course, we made straight for the dog show bit and were rewarded by loads of dogs being cute and stupid and cutely stupid. Nawwww! It was a gorgeous day and we had fun wandering round…

  • Quad 9/7/11

    This time of year is perfect to sit outside at Quad and bask a little in late sunshine and lovely company.

  • Kristin In Quad & The Rain

    My friend Kristin recently returned to the US, I’ll miss her loads. Got some snaps of her before she went. In the rain. Which she ran round in like a nutter. It’s amazing what people will do when you’re pointing a camera at them! 🙂

  • *sigh*

    Sarah – 06, a photo by Jyoti Mishra on Flickr. I miss my friend Sarah… 🙁


    I ? Sarah Pinborough! 😀

  • USA Extends Terrorist Attacks To Somalia

    The US has conducted its first drone strike on Islamist militants in Somalia, marking the expansion of the pilotless war campaign to a sixth country. The missile strike on a vehicle in the southern town of Kismayo, reported last week as a helicopter assault, wounded two senior militants with al-Shabab and several foreign fighters according…

  • June ~ July Instagramness

    June ~ July Instagramness, a set on Flickr. Just some pics!

  • Senses Fail Lols

    While watching this awesome Senses Fail video yet again, I could not help but to actually lol at this comment: Sometimes, the internet restores my faith in humanity! 🙂

  • Alt.Fiction 2011

    Last weekend, I went to Alt.Fiction 2011: Alt.Fiction brings you an extensive programme of Horror, Fantasy and Science Fiction literature events. Our flagship Alt.Fiction Literature Festival has been running since 2006 with an exciting mix of panels, readings, workshops and podcasts. Featuring leading authors, agents and editors, it is a celebration of all things genre…


    The level of political discourse on Facebook is not stellar.


    Dude, Kanji? WUT

  • Miliband Sides With The Wrong Class

    The head of one of the unions striking over pensions has said Ed Miliband "should be ashamed of himself" for urging workers to call off the action. Mary Bousted, leader of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers, told a rally in London his stance was "a disgrace". The Labour leader said the strikes were "wrong"…