Set Your Goals And Slam Dunk 2011

21/05/2011 21:04

Woohoo! It’s been a poppunk couple of weeks! Two Saturdays ago, I went to see Set Your Goals at The Rescue Rooms in Notts. Supporting were This Time Next Year and A Loss For Words. I missed TTNY but got there just in time for the end of AL4W’s set and they were pretty cool… more about them in a bit.

Then Set Your Goals came on and totally rocked it, despite the fact that Matt had lost his voice. They got in mates from other bands to do his bits and it worked well. He looked well sad at the side of the stage, bless him, like he was dying to join in. He made up for it by dancing round and spraying the front hundred people with gallons of water from bottles.

I loved SYG’s last album and it was sooo good to hear them live. The sound wasn’t great but their energy broke through all that. Definitely going to see them again…

Outside The Fest

Which is what I thought I’d do at this year’s Slam Dunk Festival. But due to Leeds parking shenanigans, we had to leave early and missed SYG. But, to be honest, I was knackered anyway.

Atticus - 2

I went with my mate Tash and by the time 9 came round, we’d spent so much time wandering, watching bands, checking out merch and chatting to random friendly peeps that we were ready for home.

Top band for me was A Loss For Words but everybody I saw was ace. Anti Flag were hugely entertaining, commanding the biggest stage effortlessly and there was much punk singalong and pointalong fun.

It was a beautiful day. I’ll definitely go again but I might hotel it next time, as wiser friends did, so I can pace out the day and do the afterparty too.