Month: May 2011

  • Another Sunny Night Gig & DJing and Parisness

    Last weekend, from Friday to Monday, I was in Paris! I went over to play a gig for the thoroughly lovely Another Sunny Night peeps. While I was there, I also DJed at Planète Mars, an awesome bar that you should check out if you’re ever in Paris. I went over with Robbie, who was…

  • Fields And Skies

    After the wood ramble, I continued on into the fields. I got lost in the sunshine and the butterflies, the warmth soaking into me as I was snapping away at everything. I almost missed the tiger in the pic above, stalking me. He was that ninja. It was a perfect day. The pics can’t really…

  • Bluebell Wood

    On Monday, I took a ramble into my local wood as the bluebells were out. In all the time I’ve lived in Oakwood (twenty years, with a break of five years), I’ve never taken photos of the bluebells in bloom so I thought it was time to rectify that. Click the pic above to see…

  • Apple Blossom

    Looks like I’m going to get a good crop this year. 🙂

  • Sunshiney Portraits

    Click the pic to see more sunshiney people.

  • Forget Me Nots

    I’m so glad they’ve invaded my garden.

  • Flowers!

    Just being flowers.

  • Nat Le Taxi

    A couple of weeks ago, my mate Nat took me to Uni to hand in some work. Sounds pretty ordinary but it wasn’t because it’s the first time she’s ever driven me. She passed her test and now she’s got a cute little Skoda. Click the pic above for some snaps from that day. 🙂