Things That Die, In Order

The Big Rip

?C particle (??c0 = 55?11+13(stat)?23+18(syst) fs)
Mayfly ( 1 – 24 hours)
Gastrotirch (three days)
Bees (four weeks)
Dragonfly (four months)
Chameleon (one year)
Newt (seven years)
Green Frog (ten years)
Our Love (fourteen years)
Cicada (seventeen years)
Canary (twenty-two years)
Chimpanzee (forty years)
Elephant (seventy years)
Giant Tortoise (one hundred and fifty years)
Marine Clam (two hundred years)
Olive Tree (2,000 years)
Great Basin Bristlecone Pine (5,000 years)
Creosote Bush (12,000 years)
Mountains (100 million years)
The Earth (9 billion years)
The Universe (37 billion years)