US Criticises Libya While Continuing To Slaughter Pakistanis

(Source: New America Foundation and Time via Wikipedia)

Today, the US issued this statement:

The Obama administration has condemned what it says are “renewed atrocities” by Libyan forces loyal to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

“Snipers have targeted civilians seeking medical assistance,” Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said.
(Source: BBC News)

This post is not defending the despot and undoubted mass-murderer Gaddafi. But it is questioning how the USA continues to set itself up as moral authority for the “free world” when simultaneously murdering innocent people in its drone attacks against Pakistan. Look at the stats above: over 2,200 Pakistanis murdered by the USA’s missiles.

Today, Pakistan issued this statement:

Pakistan has sharply criticised the United States for a missile attack on Wednesday in which six people were reported killed near the Afghan border.

“Drone attacks have become a core irritant in the counter-terror campaign,” the foreign office said.

It was the first such raid in a month and came after Pakistan’s spy chief met his US counterpart to discuss a deep rift over CIA activities in Pakistan.

There was huge anger after a drone raid killed dozens of civilians on 17 March.

Although several militants were reported killed, the vast majority of the dead were civilians attending a tribal meeting.
(Source: BBC News)

Remember, these “militants” were still innocent, they weren’t arrested or detained or charged in any way. The US military simply killed them, along with a load of other Pakistanis even its huge mendacity couldn’t cover up.

The Pakistani government is, of course, in cahoots with the US. There are probably some very nice backroom deals going on there. They’ve only spoken out today because of the mass protests against US atrocities have forced them to pretend to care.

Like the US government, like the UK government, like all governments, they don’t care about their citizens, they only care about their own power and security.

You will hear the US moral indignation on your radios and televisions today. You won’t hear the Pakistani condemnation of the US, even though it comes from the government of a sovereign nation. Our mass media simply won’t repeat criticism of the US.

So, most people will only hear one side and therefore continue to live in the fantasy world where the USA is the good guy, selflessly fighting evil around the world.