Fuck The Royal Wedding

Can’t escape the jets of ecstasy about the royals on the BBC, ITV, C4… every fucking radio and TV station. Radio One is the worst, DJ after DJ wanking about the wonderful day and how everyone will be celebrating. Will we fuck, you sycophantic arseholes.

Now I know how it feels to not love Big Brother when every other good little citizen is dutifully lining up to wave the flag and CELEBRATE!

Not me. Not ever.

Things That Die, In Order

The Big Rip

?C particle (??c0 = 55?11+13(stat)?23+18(syst) fs)
Mayfly ( 1 – 24 hours)
Gastrotirch (three days)
Bees (four weeks)
Dragonfly (four months)
Chameleon (one year)
Newt (seven years)
Green Frog (ten years)
Our Love (fourteen years)
Cicada (seventeen years)
Canary (twenty-two years)
Chimpanzee (forty years)
Elephant (seventy years)
Giant Tortoise (one hundred and fifty years)
Marine Clam (two hundred years)
Olive Tree (2,000 years)
Great Basin Bristlecone Pine (5,000 years)
Creosote Bush (12,000 years)
Mountains (100 million years)
The Earth (9 billion years)
The Universe (37 billion years)

iPhones Are Spyphones

Security researchers presenting at the Where 2.0 conference have revealed a hidden, secret iOS file that keeps a record of everywhere you’ve been. The record is synched to your PC and subsequently resynched to your other mobile devices. The file is not transmitted to Apple, but constitutes a substantial privacy breach if your PC or mobile device are lost or seized. The researchers, Alasdair Allan and Pete Warden, have released a free/open application called “iPhone Tracker” that allows you to retrieve the location data on your iOS device and examine it. They did not discover a comparable file on Android devices.
(Source: Boing Boing)

I was sceptical. So I went to the researchers’ website and downloaded their app. I ran it and got the pic at the top.

How mad is that? All my movements for the past year. You can see when I gigged in Sweden, including the little jaunt we did from Stockholm to Gothenburg.

Why is Apple gathering this data? How could it be misused by government/criminals?

It’s really quite bizarre.

Hangover Lounge Gig & EP

HAngover lounge
Click for some blurry phone pics.

On Sunday, I played The Hangover Lounge again and it was a bit strange… well, my bit was. The wonderful Rozi Plain and Nat Johnson who played before me weren’t strange at well. They both played delicate, intimate sets and you should check out their stuff immediately. The gig was for the launch of the second Hangover Lounge EP, which I’m honoured to be on with an acoustic version of my track ‘Cut Out My Heart’ (original synthpop version here).

So, Rozi and Nat both performed flawlessly and then, my turn. Well, I’ve been quite unsettled since my final divorce came through a few weeks ago and singing such intense, private songs was very, very hard. I made it through though, having my tiny ginger mate Kaypea in the front row helped loads.

It’s a question of balance: if one is too relaxed, not nervous at all, one can fall into an autopilot gig mode, not meaning anything one is singing. On the other hand, when I finished, my hands were trembling for a couple of minutes. I meant every word. Perhaps too much.

Ah well, people said they enjoyed the gig so that’s the main thing. But if it was a little claustrophobic, my apologies. Normal service will be resumed when my brain allows. 🙂

Oh, nearly forgot:

That’s Nat guesting on ‘Your Woman.’ What a beautiful voice!

US Criticises Libya While Continuing To Slaughter Pakistanis

(Source: New America Foundation and Time via Wikipedia)

Today, the US issued this statement:

The Obama administration has condemned what it says are “renewed atrocities” by Libyan forces loyal to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

“Snipers have targeted civilians seeking medical assistance,” Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said.
(Source: BBC News)

This post is not defending the despot and undoubted mass-murderer Gaddafi. But it is questioning how the USA continues to set itself up as moral authority for the “free world” when simultaneously murdering innocent people in its drone attacks against Pakistan. Look at the stats above: over 2,200 Pakistanis murdered by the USA’s missiles.

Today, Pakistan issued this statement:

Pakistan has sharply criticised the United States for a missile attack on Wednesday in which six people were reported killed near the Afghan border.

“Drone attacks have become a core irritant in the counter-terror campaign,” the foreign office said.

It was the first such raid in a month and came after Pakistan’s spy chief met his US counterpart to discuss a deep rift over CIA activities in Pakistan.

There was huge anger after a drone raid killed dozens of civilians on 17 March.

Although several militants were reported killed, the vast majority of the dead were civilians attending a tribal meeting.
(Source: BBC News)

Remember, these “militants” were still innocent, they weren’t arrested or detained or charged in any way. The US military simply killed them, along with a load of other Pakistanis even its huge mendacity couldn’t cover up.

The Pakistani government is, of course, in cahoots with the US. There are probably some very nice backroom deals going on there. They’ve only spoken out today because of the mass protests against US atrocities have forced them to pretend to care.

Like the US government, like the UK government, like all governments, they don’t care about their citizens, they only care about their own power and security.

You will hear the US moral indignation on your radios and televisions today. You won’t hear the Pakistani condemnation of the US, even though it comes from the government of a sovereign nation. Our mass media simply won’t repeat criticism of the US.

So, most people will only hear one side and therefore continue to live in the fantasy world where the USA is the good guy, selflessly fighting evil around the world.

More Corporate Crime

The consumer products giants Unilever and Procter & Gamble (P&G) have been fined 315m euros (£280m, $456m) for fixing washing powder prices in eight European countries.

It follows a three-year investigation by the European Commission following a tip-off by the German company, Henkel.
(Source: BBC News)

The “free market” is just another term for organised crime. When will we throw the capitalist criminals off our backs?