Fuck The World Then Eat It

fuck the world then eat it

Fuck the world then eat it.
Rip out its papery throat
Laced with reasonable lies
Bound with the gnawed skin
Of all its victims.

But not me.

This is for every fucking bruise,
Every tasted tear,
Every year wasted waiting
For nothing and again
For nothing and again
Again the fear of it dripping down
The back of my throat from my nose
Runny grey, metallic cold
Slippery between my fingers
You cunts who held my head under water
Who scratched those words into my arms
With expensive compasses from WH Smiths
That your Mummies bought you.
You’re still here, don’t think I don’t recognise you
Shivering in the heat like Nazis in Argentina.
You’re everywhere, everywhen, everyone,
Smearing your shit all over love,
Cross-hatching the skins of innocents
While they lie tangled, dreaming of better,
Then claiming they did it to themselves.
Laughing, knowing you’ll get them.


I’ll fucking get you.
You’ll get yours.

You and your fucking world.