Wandering With My GF2

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Today, I took my new Panasonic GF2 out for a proper test drive. Starting with some shots of my feet at home, I then took my feet (and the camera) into town where we walked round, snapping away.

I’m loving the GF2 so far. It’s so wonderful to have a camera so small that I can keep it in my coat pocket, whip it out when I want to get a shot, get it and then it’s hidden away again. Unlike having an SLR slung round my neck, I feel free and I also feel like I’m impinging on the environment and people less. As soon as people see an SLR, they get the fear and, unless they’re very relaxed, this comes out in any portraits. The teeny GF2 simply isn’t intimidating in that way.

I love the 14mm lens, that’s the only one I used today. It’s pretty wide and it’s also quite sharp. This means some of the pics in the gallery are extreme crops. But they still look good. Unlike the test shots gallery from yesterday, all the pics are processed as I would do with my normal DSLR shots. So, the gloves are off, I’m using the GF2 in passion and it’s performing splendidly.

Of course, no camera is perfect. The menus aren’t as clear as they could be. And a couple of times I’ve had to do a reset as I set something so I couldn’t change the ISO any more. Fuck knows what I changed but after delving round in menus (which change according to what idiot mode you’re in), I gave up. I’m pretty good with tech so if I’m getting confused, I know something is slightly amiss.

That aside, I’m glad I bought the little wonder. Turn on is instant which means you don’t miss the shot you’re after. And it’s soooo small! It’s only a wee bit bigger than my Sony HX5V.

I’m not abandoning my larger cams, I still love my 5D mk2 but I think the GF2 and I are going to be bffs. 🙂