P(a)rice Match: Panasonic GF2

Panasonic GF2

Today, I bought a Panasonic GF2, the twin lens kit.

I’ve been wanting a compact-sized camera that was capable of a bit more for a while now. I love my DSLRs but they’re not ideal for unobtrusive street photography.

I checked the kit price on Amazon UK : £577.22

Some things I buy on the net and I’m happy. Other things, things that cost a lot and may go wrong, I prefer buying from shops so I have a point of whining to which I can return.

Then I walked into my local Jessops. The same thing was £679.

Woah! I know they have increased overheads, staff, rent, lighting etc., but that did seem a bit of a leap. When I asked if they’d price match Amazon after a bit of muttering they said they could do it for £620.

Well, it still seemed like a big difference but if I wanted local service, maybe I should expect to pay for it?

Then I went and checked my local Jacobs. Their price: £549.

Can you guess where I bought it from?

Amazing how a two-minute walk can save you £130, innit? 😀