For My Friend

I just spent twenty minutes
Clicking on photos at the top of my Facebook page
Trying to get one of me and you to appear.
And it did.
But when I refreshed the page,
It had all fucked-up and the pictures were random.
Lost, falling, like stars / rain / tears.
I stubbed my toe when I tried to pick them all up.

I miss you so much.
I talk about you all the time,
Perhaps to make believe you’re still around?
You’re here even though you’re not here.
How does that work?
I miss those wild flashes of intelligence,
So, so scarily bright and quick.
I miss your gentle, soft humour,
Never mean, never bitchy,
Like a hug, not a slap.
I miss how easily you laugh.

I don’t think you’ll read this but if you do,
Please know that I love you,
And I hope that you’re happy.
Really. No bullshit.
And thank you.
For once being my friend.