Bankers Help Themselves From Our Pockets

Bob Crow

Business Secretary Vince Cable is “standing idly by” as bankers are set to be paid billions in bonuses, a union leader has said.

The RMT’s Bob Crow said bankers were still “partying like it’s 1999” despite government calls to curb bonuses.

Mr Crow said about £7bn was about to be “shovelled over” in bonuses to the bankers.

“There will be anger on the streets as people realise that the same people who created the UK financial crisis are still living in the lap of luxury while the rest of us are told to take the hit,” he said.
(Source: BBC News)

VAT goes up, petrol goes up, all our services are cut while the bankers pay themselves SEVEN BILLION POUNDS in bonuses.

Oh yeah, seems totally fair to me!

I only wish I could pay more taxes so some fucking banker could buy an even bigger yacht.