Ok Cupid Lols

I’ve been having fun on Ok Cupid. The matching bits are geekily fascinating and my top matches are scarily appropriate. I seem to be getting matched with highly intelligent bi women, a lot of them academics. This is all good because intelligence is the purest sexiness there is.

Plus, some of them are very funny. The summary above did actually make me lol. 😛

And here’s another:

Ahhh! 🙂

Our Ancient Cousins – Orangutans

Orangutans, the most distant of our great ape relatives, changed less in 15 million years than our species has in 200,000. And yet orangutans also have tremendous genetic diversity, an apparent contradiction that has created a strange evolutionary riddle.

The most shocking has to be that the orangutan genome hasn’t changed in 15 million years. To put that in some perspective, our species didn’t even really exist until 200,000 years ago, and even the Homo genus doesn’t stretch much further back than 2.4 million years. Chimpanzees don’t become distinct from our evolutionary ancestors until about six million years ago, and gorillas don’t emerge until about 7 million years ago. Orangutans are, by the standards of the rest of their family, an incredibly ancient species.
(Source: io9)

As for why all humans are more similar than any two orangs or chimps, have a clicky here.

Yep, 70,000 years go, there were only around 15,000 humans in the whole world. Every one of us is a descendent from that band (or bands) of survivors.

Isn’t it strange to think how worked up we get about “races” and suchlike when we’re all sisters and brothers. 🙂

For My Friend

I just spent twenty minutes
Clicking on photos at the top of my Facebook page
Trying to get one of me and you to appear.
And it did.
But when I refreshed the page,
It had all fucked-up and the pictures were random.
Lost, falling, like stars / rain / tears.
I stubbed my toe when I tried to pick them all up.

I miss you so much.
I talk about you all the time,
Perhaps to make believe you’re still around?
You’re here even though you’re not here.
How does that work?
I miss those wild flashes of intelligence,
So, so scarily bright and quick.
I miss your gentle, soft humour,
Never mean, never bitchy,
Like a hug, not a slap.
I miss how easily you laugh.

I don’t think you’ll read this but if you do,
Please know that I love you,
And I hope that you’re happy.
Really. No bullshit.
And thank you.
For once being my friend.

I Do My Washing


I forgot to put the tablets in first,
So I had to take it all out again.
Does that really make a difference?
Why do they need to be next to the drum?
Do they miss the drum?
Does the separation hurt them?
I do my washing and I think about you.
I do the hoovering and I think of you.
I load the dishwasher and then,
129 minutes later,
I unload it, steam condensing on my glasses.
Blind, I think about you.

I clean the hob because it’s covered in crap,
Spitters and spatters from meals for one I’ve cooked
While thinking about you.
I buy a special brush from Lakeland,
It’s on sale.
A bargain.
And now I can clean behind the taps.
That’s so important, don’t you think?
What would happen if I had a visitor
And she saw that I had not-shiny-enough taps?
I think about that when I buy the brush.
No, I’m lying, I think about you.

I hoover around the bed you used to lie in,
Softly snoring, occasionally kicking your legs
When you had doggie dreams.
The most beautiful thing I have ever seen
Or will ever see.
I clean the bath, perhaps too much
Since my fingerprints shrivel like my life
And I think of hugging you in towels,
Tickling you till you pleaded for mercy
But I gave no quarter.
And now I would give everything, anything.

Another week.
I do my washing.
I hoover.
I dust the top of the doors.
Fuck knows why.

Another US Terror Attack On Pakistan

At least three militants have been killed in a US drone strike in north-west Pakistan, say local officials.

Four missiles struck a compound in Haiderkhel village, 5km (3 miles) east of Mir Ali town in North Waziristan district on the Afghan border.

More than 100 raids were reported in the region last year.

This is the third drone attack in Pakistani tribal areas this year.
(Source: BBC News)

Another day, another US terror attack.

I haven’t been lazy with the picture, the BBC have used exactly the same picture and subtitle, presumably because they too are overwhelmed by the number of attacks.

Watch your TV news this evening to not see this being reported.

USA Carries On Terror Attacks Against Pakistan, World Doesn’t Care

Four people have been killed in a US drone strike in north-west Pakistan, say local officials.

The plane reportedly fired missiles at a vehicle near the town of Miranshah in North Waziristan, an Afghan border haven for al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

US drone attacks in Pakistan’s tribal region have escalated since US President Barack Obama took office.

There were more than 100 such raids in the tribal region last year.

The US does not routinely confirm that it has launched drone operations, but analysts say only American forces have deployed such aircraft in the region.
(Source: BBC News)

The US launched terror attacks by drone on the 31st Dec, the 1st Jan and now this latest mass-murder.

Looks like they plan to keep murdering innocent Pakistanis in 2011 while mewling about how evil Iran / North Korea / China are.

USA – number one for hypocrisy!

I can’t keep up with the rate the USA are murdering innocents in Pakistan. That’s why this post has rounded up three separate attacks. Apart from the time it takes, it really wears me down – the fact that these hundreds of terrorist attacks are never mentioned on the TV or radio, that the mass-media ignores them.

So most people don’t know they’re going on.

They just don’t exist, like the lives of the people they take.

Bankers Help Themselves From Our Pockets

Bob Crow

Business Secretary Vince Cable is “standing idly by” as bankers are set to be paid billions in bonuses, a union leader has said.

The RMT’s Bob Crow said bankers were still “partying like it’s 1999” despite government calls to curb bonuses.

Mr Crow said about £7bn was about to be “shovelled over” in bonuses to the bankers.

“There will be anger on the streets as people realise that the same people who created the UK financial crisis are still living in the lap of luxury while the rest of us are told to take the hit,” he said.
(Source: BBC News)

VAT goes up, petrol goes up, all our services are cut while the bankers pay themselves SEVEN BILLION POUNDS in bonuses.

Oh yeah, seems totally fair to me!

I only wish I could pay more taxes so some fucking banker could buy an even bigger yacht.