Please Let Me Sleep

Absent Friends

Please, let me sleep,
That’s all I want,
To switch this all off,
To make the noise stop.
To cut the circles,
The cycles, the eyelets,
This treadmill of being.
There’s no pleasure here,
No comfort, no warmth,
No home, no you.

Pretend, so we keep
The show on the road,
The audience amused.
Or else you might see yourself,
And you’ll be undone,
Unravelled, a woman,
Naked not nude.
Would that be so bad?
Forget I asked.

Please, let me sleep,
I won’t bother you any more.
No calls, no texts,
No fake kisses and smilies.
My friend is beautiful.
My friend is strong.
She gave me a present
To give to you,
Wrapped in love and care.
She gave me a word
To give to you,
Soaked in this summer’s honey: