Private Corporation Re-Writes New Zealand’s Laws

New Zealand’s parliament has passed legislation that will keep the production of two Hobbit films in the country.

The government agreed to amend labour laws as part of a deal with Warner Bros to retain the $500m (£315m) project.

Warner had threatened to move production elsewhere because of a dispute with acting unions.

But the opposition has criticised the deal.

“What is the government going to do next – give in to any multi-national that asks for a labour standard to be diluted in return for some form of investment?” said Labour Party lawmaker Charles Chauvel.
(Source: BBC News)

Hey, we’re a multi-national corporation, we’re totally un-elected and have no right to interfere but we’re going to re-write your laws anyway.

Make them more anti-union, y’know? Thanks!

And this is why we call it *bourgeois* democracy rather than real democracy.