Nat, Sean & Two Unis

Notts Uni, Sutton Bonington Campus

Last Monday I went to pick my mate Nat up from her very picturesque Uni. It’s Notts Uni, the Sutton Bonington campus. I’m quite glad it’s not my Uni as I’d probably get now work done, there’s far too much beauty in the area! And bunnies everywhere!


I got Nat to pose for a few shots outside as she’s just had her hair coloured and it goes the most bizarre shades, depending on the light hitting it. I haven’t changed the tint of it in any of the pics, it did appear all those colours, from red to plummy purple.

Derby Uni, Kedleston Road Campus

We headed to town then Derby Uni (mine) for a bit before she had to get back.

Quizzical Sean

Later, back at Uni, I met my mate Sean there and got a couple of shots of him looking confused. This is something he doesn’t have to rehearse overly.

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