Kaypea, Wood, Wheat, Sky


Last weekend, my physicist friend Kaypea came to stay. We had beautiful conversations about the immense and the infinitesimal, the ultimate and the trivial. It was all severely, severely cool. Like… yeah.

The last couple of years, I’ve made a conscious effort to reach out and connect more with people. Sometimes, this has gone very badly. Very.

But other times, I’ll find a new friend who educates me, empathises with me and, most importantly, gets my jokes about non-Euclidean topologies.

There is nothing more sustaining and enriching than spending company in the time of someone who both questions and answers me. And who catches me out on the utter bullshit that I’m wont to spout.

We went on a ramble that took in a whole load of razed wheat, some big fucking skies and the old man trees in Chaddesden Wood, waving at us to get off their collective lawn. Click the pic to see more!