Another US Terror Attack On Pakistan

Eight militants died when missiles fired by a suspected US drone hit a house in north-western Pakistan, local security officials say.

They said the raid targeted a militant hideout in Shawal district in the North Waziristan region on the Afghan border.

It is the 10th drone strike this month in the region, a stronghold of the Taliban and al-Qaeda.

The attacks have killed hundreds of people since January 2009 and fuelled anti-American sentiment in the country.
(Source: BBC News)

“Hundreds of people” killed by US missiles. I’ve been posting about every attack as and if I’ve seen news of them. I’m worn down by how little people care about these US murders of innocents.

They go on, day after day, week after week. And no-one says anything. No-one seems to care that the US is launching attacks on civilians under the cover of somehow magically knowing they’re Taliban or whatever.

As far as I’m aware, US military tech hasn’t achieved sentience as yet. Their missiles cannot differentiate between terrorists and innocents. Therefore, the people who launch them are charged with that distinction. But as we know from the appalling slaughter in Iraq, the US simply doesn’t care who it kills in its ‘War On Terror.’

So, they keep killing, with impunity. This is why the USA is the biggest terror threat on the planet right now. Who else could get away with this level of murder? North Korea? China?

I don’t think so.