Hangover Lounge Gig, 22/8/10

Hangover Lounge
On Sunday, I got to play a strangely wonderful gig. I played a totally acoustic gig at The Hangover Lounge and… it was soo special in so many ways.

Firstly, I got to play on the same bill as Elizabeth Morris (allo darlin’) and Amor de Dias, both of whom were absolutely fantastic. I hadn’t heard any Amor de Dios before but I’m going to search their stuff out now, very flowing and… surreal is the only other word I can think of? They were last on and it was a great way to finish off the day.

I went on first and looked out at a room of expectant faces. It’s quite a big room, too, so I was worried about projecting. But it was liberating! No worrying about mic or sound or pedals or backing tracks. It was just me and my guitar, singing my heart out. I loved it. And the audience all kept soo quiet, they made the gig work.

The highpoint of my set for me was when Elizabeth joined me for ‘Your Woman’ so all I did was play guitar while she sang it. That won’t ever happen again and I love those kind of unique moments. It’s why I make music, to meet people like her and have lovely collisions like those.

Then I got to see her play. I was sat in between my friends Vanessa and Nat and, I have to admit, she did make me cry at least twice. I blinked the tears back but it was difficult to keep it in, particularly after playing myself. When Elizabeth performs, she’s just there, I can’t really explain what I mean. She was sitting about two feet in front of me, singing these songs she’s written that I love, full of love and lust, despair and insecurity. Perfect.

It was a wonderful day. Days like those make me feel so lucky and happy to be a musician!

Hangover Lounge DJing Playlist, 22/8/10


Only a teeny-weeny playlist, this one as it was just in between bands playing:

The Hidden Cameras – A Miracle
Boards of Canada – 03 Olson (Version 3)
John Barry – The Ipcress File
The Sweptaways – Kalla Mig
de Montevert – The Ghost
The Orchids – Long Drawn Sunday Night
my little airport – My Little Fish
Holopaw – igloo glass
Shearwater – WhippingBoy
Allo Darlin’ – Woody Allen

London With Nat

Oh, Wow!

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to DJ (twice) in London and also do a gig at the Hangover Lounge. I went down with my ace mate, Nat and we managed to get some sightseeing crammed in too!

Vanessa @ Hangover Lounge, Scoffing Chicken

Even better, later on we got to meet up with Vanessa and Kaypea and then we all ended up dancing at HDIF before going back to the hotel for a deranged late-night chat. Really, what better way to spend a weekend than singing, dancing and talking shit with such amazing people?

That weekend is going to be hard to beat! 🙂

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HDIF DJing Playlist 21/8/10

Pic by Ian Watson

Thanks again to Ian HDIF for inviting me to DJ at his lovely, lovely club night. I had a blast and it was nice to slip in a bit of Nas and Set Your Goals in amongst the indiepopness! 🙂

This is what I played:

Allo Darlin’ – Kiss Your Lips
The Lucksmiths – Self-Preservation
The Wake – Crush The Flowers
Jens Lekman – You Are the Light
Echo and the Bunnymen – Rescue
The Like – He’s Not A Boy
My Bloody Valentine – Thorn
Spearmint – sweeping the nation
James Brown – The Boss
Nas – Get Down
Cats on Fire – Higher Grounds (new)
sarandon – Searching For The Now
Chromeo – Call Me Up
Cure – In Between Days
The Velvelettes – He Was Really Saying Something
Suburban Kids with Biblical Names – Parakit
Stevie Wonder – I Wish
Talulah Gosh – i can’t get no satisfaction (thank god)
Cuba Cuba – Golden Grounds
The Field Mice – Sensitive
Pulp – Stacks
The Sylvers – High School Dance
La Casa Azul – Cambia tu vida
Billie the Vision & The Dancers – I’m Pablo
Pavement – Cut Your Hair
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – 103
Wedding Present – Nobodys Twisting Your Arm
Depeche Mode – New Life
Set Your Goals – Summer Jam