Month: July 2010

  • It Are My Birthday

    mates gone, a still house, time to reflect on the year, friends, lovers and you.

  • TNT = Infuriating, Apple = Wankers

    So, I know my new iPhone might arrive this morning, I’m pottering around, doing quiet stuff when I should be in the studio, working on the album. Ah well, a half day lost, nothing to be done. I walk by the front door and… … some ninja has popped a ‘Sorry we missed you!’ cheery…

  • On Love

    So I asked her if she trusted me. She said yes. So I kissed her. The first time I was kissed, I cried just like a one year old. I couldn’t catch my breath, the emotions were so overpowering. Although it’s 23 years ago now, I remember that night so vividly, with such detail and…

  • Bzangy Groink Playlist 21/7/10

    Woohoo, another busy night with *loads* of requests which I managed to honour as well as cramming in as much new stuff as possible! The best new song tonight was ‘What Are You Waiting For?’ by Broken Links. When I first downloaded and clicked play on Broken Links, I had no idea what would leap…

  • Bzangy Groink Playlist 7/7/10

    No one top new track tonight because instead there were three tracks from the fantastic new album by Huoratron. Last year, Vitalic made it to the topspot in my best albums list. I have a feeling that Huoratron’s mix of stupid, stupid noises, slamming, horrible beats and the sound of seagulls being shredded is going…

  • Flowers And Bumblebee

    Click for more fat-bee action!

  • Kitteh Emma

    Emma curls up like a kitteh! Click for more pics! 🙂

  • Bzangy Groink Playlist 16/6/10

    Woah, a while ago so let me give my memory cells a poke… The best new track was Tame Impala’s ‘Lucidity.’ Sea breezes and clear, moonlit nights – that’s what this wonderfully dreamy track by psychpop lovers Tame Impala sounds like. Mmmm. The best old track was Casey Jone’s ‘If You’re Smoking In Here You…