Alt.Fiction 2010

On Saturday, I went to Alt.Fiction 2010. This was the first time it’s been held in Quad and I think it worked brilliantly.

There was space for the stalls in The Box:

AltFiction 2010 - 03

This time, I resisted emptying my wallet all over the Interzone stall manned by Roy. I know what a persuasive salesman he is so I just said no. 🙂

I wandered round, taking pics and brandishing my hastily scribbled ‘Official Photographer’ pass. It came in handy as it meant I could be cheekier than I would normally be. Thank you to the organisers for letting me take pics!

The cinemas made excellent lecture theatres:

AltFiction 2010 - 12

I heard two panels and the quality of info available typified what makes Alt.Fiction such a wonderful event. The interaction between fans, authors and aspiring writers was lovely to witness and I could sense a lot of people leaving with inspiration as well as signed books.

I met loads of lovely authors and fans at AF2010, including catching up with one of my favourite ever authors, Tony Ballantyne:

AltFiction 2010 - 19

I first met Tony at Alt.Fiction 2007 and it was great to see him again, if you haven’t read any of his work, you’re in for a treat.

And, before I knew it, the day was over and I hadn’t seen half the stuff I’d promised myself I’d see. That’s always the way at Alt.Fiction. Really, we all know we’re going to miss the talks we’d made a note of and instead end up talking with friends, old and new.

Sooo… see you at Alt.Fiction 2011? 🙂

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