Brum With Emma


On Monday, on a whim and a dare, Emma and I decided to train it to Brum in order to hunt down a specific hair dye she was jonesing for (Manic Panic’s ‘New Rose,’ hairophiles).

It was a gorgeous day, Birmingham looked like Milan and the people were suitably laid-back and chillin.’ Even the mad old blokes kicking empty cans and cursing in Cantonese seemed inwardly content to be soaking up the sun while startling passers-by.

A Lorra, Lorra Laffs

We ambled and arrived at the keeper of the precious. But the shop had changed hands, no dye! Argh!

Ah well, some Krispy Kreme doughnuts soon lifted our spirits and we had a bit more of an amble, a lot more ogling and then headed back home to Derbs. It was a lovely day, you can’t plan that shit. Click any of the pics to see more!