Day: May 26, 2010

  • Emma B&W

    Sooo… I managed to persuade my stunningly pretty but equally camera-shy friend Emma to pose for a few shots. These are the very, very few she’s allowed me to share with the world! 🙂 Click the pic for two more!

  • Rob

    Just for a change, a hawt boy instead of a hawt girl. Click the pic for more BEEFCAKE! 😛

  • Brum With Emma

    On Monday, on a whim and a dare, Emma and I decided to train it to Brum in order to hunt down a specific hair dye she was jonesing for (Manic Panic’s ‘New Rose,’ hairophiles). It was a gorgeous day, Birmingham looked like Milan and the people were suitably laid-back and chillin.’ Even the mad…