Bzangy Groink Playlist 20/5/10

MC Esoteric

Best new track tonight was easy – MC Esoteric‘s ‘Waxing On Decepticon’ is pure, thefty genius! If you like the idea of Le Tigre with some fucked-up rapping all over ’em, you’ll love this. Please, please check out his new album. Just for the Gary Numan shit near the end. Esoteric, I salute you, you daft bastard.

Taking Back Sunday
The best old tune was Taking Back Sunday‘s ‘Timberwolves.’ Jean Claude Van DAAAMN but I want to dance to this motherfucker when I’m out! I’m looking at you, Mosh DJs… 😛

Maundz – Milk Crates
Avi Buffalo – Five Little Sluts
Ambush! – Unholy Matrimony
New Creases – Come Around
Arcyn AL – 2 Da Top
Kidz In The Hall – Jukebox (Feat. MC Lyte)
From First to Last – Chyeaa
The Answering Machine – Obviously Cold
Lair of the Minotaur – Riders Of Skullhammer, We Ride
Diversion Tactics – Return Of The Ladies Man
Die Fantastischen Vier – danke
BOLIK – Dead Singers
The Story So Far – Spark Fires
In Tall Buildings – The Way to a Monster’s Lair
The Slits – I Heard It Through The Grapevi
LCD Soundsystem – North American Scum
Saves the Day – Certain Tragedy
Endwell – Living Through Losses: 02/30/01
PTTRNS – Higher Grounds
We Have Band – Divisive
Misery Index – Day Of The Dead
K’naan – T.I.A.
Anarbor – Drugstore Diet
DEFRAG – the stones
Bronze Medals – Escape Routes
MC Esoteric – Waxing On Decepticon
Los Campesinos! – Straight In At 101
Holy Roman Empire – Action Figures
Sage Francis – Three Sheets To The Wind
Circuits – Pistols at Dawn
Taking Back Sunday – Timberwolves at New Jersey
His Statue Falls – Sooner If You Let Me
Salem Al Fakir – Virgin Mary
Braille – Up
Butcher Boy – Carve a Pattern
Less Than Jake – Sleep it Off
I Am Abomination – Since 1776
Wilco – Wilco (The Song)
Paramore – Crushcrushcrush
last dinosaurs – Honolulu
Holy Fuck – Red Lights
Blacastan – Anything Less
Medications – Seasons
Past Lives – Hex Takes Hold
Killamu – Tiramakossa Remix
second to last – Three Months (Anywhere But Here)
B. Dolan – Fifty Ways To Bleed Your Customers
Dez & Nobs – James Turner Affair
Allo Darlin’ – Silver Dollars
For.The.Win – Robber Barons And Rebels
Slag In Cullet – Time to Explode
Access Immortal – Everything I Know