Bzangy Groink Playlist 20/5/10

MC Esoteric

Best new track tonight was easy – MC Esoteric‘s ‘Waxing On Decepticon’ is pure, thefty genius! If you like the idea of Le Tigre with some fucked-up rapping all over ’em, you’ll love this. Please, please check out his new album. Just for the Gary Numan shit near the end. Esoteric, I salute you, you daft bastard.

Taking Back Sunday
The best old tune was Taking Back Sunday‘s ‘Timberwolves.’ Jean Claude Van DAAAMN but I want to dance to this motherfucker when I’m out! I’m looking at you, Mosh DJs… 😛

Maundz – Milk Crates
Avi Buffalo – Five Little Sluts
Ambush! – Unholy Matrimony
New Creases – Come Around
Arcyn AL – 2 Da Top
Kidz In The Hall – Jukebox (Feat. MC Lyte)
From First to Last – Chyeaa
The Answering Machine – Obviously Cold
Lair of the Minotaur – Riders Of Skullhammer, We Ride
Diversion Tactics – Return Of The Ladies Man
Die Fantastischen Vier – danke
BOLIK – Dead Singers
The Story So Far – Spark Fires
In Tall Buildings – The Way to a Monster’s Lair
The Slits – I Heard It Through The Grapevi
LCD Soundsystem – North American Scum
Saves the Day – Certain Tragedy
Endwell – Living Through Losses: 02/30/01
PTTRNS – Higher Grounds
We Have Band – Divisive
Misery Index – Day Of The Dead
K’naan – T.I.A.
Anarbor – Drugstore Diet
DEFRAG – the stones
Bronze Medals – Escape Routes
MC Esoteric – Waxing On Decepticon
Los Campesinos! – Straight In At 101
Holy Roman Empire – Action Figures
Sage Francis – Three Sheets To The Wind
Circuits – Pistols at Dawn
Taking Back Sunday – Timberwolves at New Jersey
His Statue Falls – Sooner If You Let Me
Salem Al Fakir – Virgin Mary
Braille – Up
Butcher Boy – Carve a Pattern
Less Than Jake – Sleep it Off
I Am Abomination – Since 1776
Wilco – Wilco (The Song)
Paramore – Crushcrushcrush
last dinosaurs – Honolulu
Holy Fuck – Red Lights
Blacastan – Anything Less
Medications – Seasons
Past Lives – Hex Takes Hold
Killamu – Tiramakossa Remix
second to last – Three Months (Anywhere But Here)
B. Dolan – Fifty Ways To Bleed Your Customers
Dez & Nobs – James Turner Affair
Allo Darlin’ – Silver Dollars
For.The.Win – Robber Barons And Rebels
Slag In Cullet – Time to Explode
Access Immortal – Everything I Know



A North Korean submarine’s torpedo sank a South Korean navy ship on 26 March causing the deaths of 46 sailors, an international report has found.

Investigators said they had discovered part of the torpedo on the sea floor and it carried lettering that matched a North Korean design.

Pyongyang rejected the claim as a “fabrication” and threatened war if sanctions were imposed, say reports.

The White House described the sinking of the ship as an “act of aggression” by North Korea that challenged peace.
(Source: BBC News)

First, let’s acknowledge the hilarity of the US, the most rogue state in the world today, criticising any other country’s warmongering. It’s not so much pot, kettle as black hole, kettle.

Moving on, this is top news today, all the radio and TV bulletins are carrying the story of NK’s act of aggression.

Which, of course, it is. NK is a brutal, dehumanising dictatorship, cut from the finest of Stalinist cloth. Only a fucking moron would try to deny that.


Since the start of 2010, the US has launched at least thirty missile attacks on Pakistan, using its robot drones. Obama has personally sanctioned the murder of over 200 Pakistanis in that time.

These attacks were started under Bush and Obama has happily continued the slaughter. I’m trying to keep count of the number of Pakistanis murdered by the US in these illegal attacks, these war crimes, over the last few years. Up to the 11th May, it must be at least 500.

Pakistan officially protests against the missile strikes on its territory as violations of its sovereignty, but it is believed to aid them. The US rarely discusses the unmanned drone-fired strikes, which are part of a covert CIA programme.
(Source: The Guardian)

But that’s 500 Pakistanis which, apparently, isn’t as newsworthy as 46 South Koreans.

Has this been on the news? Are we kept up to date on the almost weekly US drone attacks on innocents? This is an act of aggression! Surely multiple drone missile strikes killing random civilians is newsworthy, isn’t it?

It seems that some evil is not newsworthy.