These Waves @ Vines, Derby, 16/5/2010

I popped out tonight to see Beyond This Point Are Monsters and These Waves. I managed to get some snaps of the latter but I was at the back of the room for BTPAM so the best I got was this:

Beyond This Point, Beyond My Lens

Regardless of my shit photographic position, I loved their set. And I’m not the biggest lover of instrumental, post-rocky stuff, it usually makes me drift off. But BTPAM have got tunes and riffy bits, that’s what holds my attention. Lovely!

These Waves - 12

And then These Waves came on, first time I’ve seen them with their new line up and first Derby gig for them as such too. They were ace, got the crowd moving along with them and it was a plus having them so close and in-our-faces. Oh yeahhhhhh!

Click any of the pics for more! 🙂