Day: May 17, 2010

  • Blossom & Flowers

    Click the pic for more flowery goodness!

  • These Waves @ Vines, Derby, 16/5/2010

    I popped out tonight to see Beyond This Point Are Monsters and These Waves. I managed to get some snaps of the latter but I was at the back of the room for BTPAM so the best I got was this: Regardless of my shit photographic position, I loved their set. And I’m not the…

  • Bzangy Groink Playlist 21/4/10

    Woah, sorry for the long break before posting this up, I’ve just finished my first year at Uni, essays all over the shop! 🙂 Trying to remember back… that night’s top new track was ‘Sooner If You Let Me’ by His Statue Falls. If you like shouty metalness + ravey synths, I think you’ll love…