Pugs Not Drug… Hmmm…

Gemma Corell - Pugs Not Drugs - the topshop version!

I saw this lovely tee in town so I snapped a pic of it. I think if I ever saw any girl wearing it, it’d be instant love!

I posted it onto the relentless maw that is Facebook and my friend Sandy pointed me towards this:

Gemma Corell - Pugs Not Drugs

It’s by one of her fave artists, Gemma Corell. And it pre-dates the TopShop shirt. As far as I know, they didn’t ask her about it or pay anything or whatnot.

Now, when I sample something, I have to pay the person who originally came up with the idea.

Of course, I’m not saying that TopShop did nick this, perish the thought! That could be a very expensive thing to accuse them of.

It’s probably just great minds thinking alike. Yep.

That’s definitely it!