No Make-Up, No Photoshop: Nat

No Make-Up, No Photoshop: Nat - 2

I have a dislike of extreme photoshoppery of portraits. Particularly of women. You know the ones I mean: where every blemish and wrinkle is removed, leaving an image that looks like some uncanny android rather than a living, breathing human being. I find these images disturbing on many levels.

I also, like most blokes, think make-up is generally gilding the lily. Women are naturally beautiful, and make-up nearly always obscures that beauty. Very rarely, when it does succeed, it’s because the applier knows that less is more.

To that end, I’ve started a photo project called No Make-Up, No Photoshop which I’ll be posting onto Flickr and here. I’ll be using women and girls I know and shooting them with zero make-up and no photoshopping. The only adjustments to the images will be cropping and contrast changes. I won’t even boost saturation to falsely alter their natural colours.

Click the image above to see more of natural beauty, Nat! 🙂