No Make-Up, No Photoshop: Kelly

No Make-Up, No Photoshop: Kelly - 1

Girl number two in my rather idiosyncratic campaign against make-up and excessive photoshopping: Kelly.

I’ve done loads of pics of Kelly before and I think you can see that in how relaxed she is. Every portrait you take is, of course, not a photo of a person but a photo of your relationship with that person. And I think you can tell we’re mates. 🙂

Since the photoshoot, Kell’s stopped wearing make-up! She didn’t wear loads before but now she feels confident enough not to wear any. I call that a positive result!

She’s sitting at my dining table right now and says:

“Even though I feel slightly more vulnerable, I still feel very pretty. And when people see me now, they see the real me, not a façade.”