Aged Yummy + Ice, Sea, Dead People @ Big Blue, Derby, 10/4/10

On Saturday, I managed to catch a couple of bands out of a multi-band bill at Big Blue.

Aged Yummy

Aged Yummy were extremely twiddly and have very much a liking of the silly time sig change. But I’ll let them off because the three-piece also have a deft melodic sensibility and lovely lyrics. Result! Put it this way, they were giving away their CDR but I paid them a fiver for it as I enjoyed the gig so much. 🙂

Ice, Sea, Dead People

Ice, Sea, Dead People were another trio and, again, they managed to make a massive sound. Not least because lead shouty/guitarist bloke is a fucking demon on the guitar. He raked his hands over it, knocked it round the room like a sailor in a barfight and still managed to make it sing. And scream. They reminded me of ‘Flames’-era Refused and that can only be good.

Talking to both bands briefly afterwards, I can also say that they were lovely lads. So, great music and totally not-wankers. Please, send them your money now!