You Slut!, Funfun & History @ The Vaults, Derby, 3/3/2010

On Wednesday I saw three cool bands for free at the Vaults. Yep – FREE!

History - 6

First on were History who put on a heartfelt show. There were a few wobbles in places but seeing as this is only their second gig, I think they did brilliantly. They were all in the moment and they were feeling the music they were playing, something that’s often easily lost.

Funfun - 7

Next were Funfun who played a sharp, heavy, twiddly set. I loved the duelling guitar harmonies, that was lovely. I also liked the bit about looking like old-school You Slut! and, indeed, the lads did look very fetching in their matching outfits.

You Slut! - 8

Last on were You Slut! themselves, confusingly all *not* dressed in black like the YS! of yore. Whatever, they jumped into their set and hammered out crowd-pleasing faves. There was a lot of gurning going on, and not just on stage. It was ace to see people jumping round like loons to YS!’s powertool riffery.

Ahh, what a night! 🙂

(Click any of the pics for a gallery of the gig!)