Tiger, Tiger, Panther, Fox! @ The Royal, Derby, 20/2/2010

Tiger, Tiger, Panther, Fox! - 07
TTPF! – click the pic for more!

The other week, I went to see TTPF! at The Royal, not knowing what to expect at all. I deliberately hadn’t listened to them on the net beforehand as I wanted a fresh, unprejudiced experience.

And I loved them. Knowing some of their tastes, I had expected it to be NMEish indie. But the band they reminded most of was Minutemen. Yep. Go figure.

They were fast, aggressive, funny, dark and, above all, played with the kind of frantic-wank energy most contemporary indie bands just can’t muster. That’s why they reminded me more of Dag Nasty than The Answering Machine. (Which is not dissing TAM, I love ’em!)

Now, if I was an evil A&R type, I’d just re-style them and shove them out on the punk circuit… 😛

I see so much identikit indie, TTPF! are not that at all.

Go and see them. Now.