Chilcot Inquiry Protest, 29/1/2010

Chilcot Protest
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Last Friday, I travelled down to London to take part in the protest outside the Chilcot Inquiry.

We were there because Tony Blair was testifying, ostensibly explaining why he took this country to war over phantom WMDs.

Well, he testified. He was smug and slick and he used it as an opportunity to rattle the sabre at Iran, mentioning it no less than 58 times.

Chilcot Protest

I heard families of British soldiers speak about their loved ones, lost to an insane crusade that’s also cost 1.2 million Iraqi lives. We antiwar protestors listened in silence and with respect as they spoke of their loss. Tony Blair? Well, he refused to even meet any of the families, let alone offer an apology for his actions. That’s how arrogant and unfeeling this monster is.

Chilcot Protest

I waited for two hours longer than I was meant to as Blair delayed leaving the Inquiry. I think he hoped the cold and the rain and the overbearing police presence would put us off. But it didn’t. Finally, I had to leave to get my train home but someone did try to arrest Blair as he left. Isn’t it strange that if he’d fiddled his dole or been carrying some weed, the coppers there would have had no hesitation in arresting him.

But if you take part in mass-murder… well, that’s quite a different matter.

That Chilcot is another whitewash, there’s little doubt. But I hope I live to see the day that Butcher Blair is tried for his war crimes.

I hope I see that sneer wiped off his face.