Day: January 30, 2010

  • Bzangy Groink Playlist 27/1/10

    Tonight’s best new tune was by the luvverly Ginger Ninja and it was ‘Crying Shame.’ Check out their debut album, ‘Wicked Map.’ If you like Friendly Fires or Errors or any other dancey, indieishpop, I think you’ll like these gorgeous Danes. The best old track was ‘Ride The Red Rhythm’ by Like A Tim. I’m…

  • Bird In Fog

    From where I sit, I always see this gnarled, pointing tree, accusing the sky that one night must have blasted it into its current wizened form. When it’s foggy, a bird favours it. I wonder if they’re linked, scorched branch and fog-loving bird?

  • Male Portraits

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