Butcher Blair – Have Your Say!


Tony Blair’s Judgement Day: Friday 29 January from 8.00am
Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre Broad Sanctuary London SW1P 3EE
Nearest tube: Westminster

On Friday 29 January, Tony Blair will try to explain to the Iraq Inquiry the lies he used to take Britain into an illegal war.

Writers, musicians, relatives of the dead, Iraqi refugees, poets, human rights lawyers, comedians, actors, MPs and ordinary citizens will join a day of protest, politics and performance outside the Inquiry to demand that this should be Tony Blair’s judgement day.

There will be naming the dead ceremonies for the hundreds of thousand’s slaughtered in Blair’s war. Military families who lost loved ones in Iraq will read the names of the 179 British soldiers killed.
There must be no whitewash by the Iraq Inquiry. Join us from 8.00am onwards.
(Source: Stop The War)

Butcher Blair, still smiling and still dripping with the blood of 1.2 million Iraqi dead will, of course, get away with it yet again. After all, this is just another whitewash. This is a court of friends appointed by the people under suspicion. Monbiot sums it up neatly:

But there’s a problem with official inquiries in the United Kingdom: the government appoints their members and sets their terms of reference.

It’s the equivalent of a criminal suspect being allowed to choose what the charges should be, who should judge his case and who should sit on the jury.

As a senior judge told the Guardian in November, “Looking into the legality of the war is the last thing the government wants. And actually, it’s the last thing the opposition wants either because they voted for the war.

There simply is not the political pressure to explore the question of legality – they have not asked because they don’t want the answer.”
(Source: Monbiot.com)

No matter. We will make our voices heard. We will give our voices to remember all those who died, soldiers and civilians in the US and UK’s crusade for oil.

Be loud, be annoying, be extreme but most of all, be there. Because silence = death.

Don’t let them get away with mass murder.